Featured Photographer // Alex Marcano

Happy Monday, all! Today I have a special feature on a New York photographer friend of mine who has recently shot some amazing, professional photos for me for The Most Happy. I’m really excited for some professional photos here (in case you didn’t know, I don’t have a “real” photographer—my mom usually takes my photos for me 🙂 ) and wanted to take the chance to highlight Alex’s amazing work. He shoots weddings, portraits, engagements, families, and the most stunning landscapes. This is his story:

“I’m a 23-year-old photographer with a bachelors in psychology and music, currently taking pictures of paintings as a 9 to 5 job, or in my case a 9 to 6. Plans changed a little over time and I found myself gravitating away from the thing I studied for four years. I felt more comfortable behind a camera capturing a wedding day than I did working in the psychology lab at Stony Brook. I guess you can say I have the typical story of shooting with my dad’s old camera and taking pictures of lawn chairs and fences in black and white for my high school photo class.


I got serious when I started assisting at weddings. The 12-hour day was challenging at first (granted—it still is) but there’s something about it that I really like. It’s a science and an art to be everywhere but nowhere at the same time and as one of my clients wrote in a review, I am a “ninja” at shooting weddings! I would love for photography to be my full-time gig, with a rented space and a studio set up but for the time being, shooting on location works out great.

Having a separate full-time job allows my creative work to not be the only thing that pays my bills because I think that’s when it stops becoming fun. Relying on booking jobs and stressing when there’s a dry spell would probably make everything less enjoyable.

To the people who are starting out, get outside and take pictures. Worry less about gear and more about lighting. Ask your friends, photograph your dog, and hell, photograph some lawn chairs in black and white.”

Here’s some of his amazing work:

Heather_A+(32+of+42) IMG_0581 IMG_0434 Tess+(8+of+17) V+S+(35+of+42) IMG_9106 IMG_5655 IMG_4804

Check out Alex’s work on his website and on his Instagram, and follow him to get some truly breathtaking photography on your Insta feed.


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