Custom shampoo by Function of Beauty—a review

Beauty review today! I was recently asked to try out customized shampoo and conditioner by Function of Beauty. Here’s what I thought.

function of beauty

In case you’ve never heard of this new brand, basically, Function of Beauty is a service that gives customers fully customized shampoo and conditioner sets based on their exact hair needs. You can pick almost everything about your particular formula based on your hair’s texture, and even pick what color and scent you want it to be! If you’re interested, use this link to get $5 off your order! 

The function of Function of Beauty (tee hee) is to change the way people buy products; instead of a one-size-fits-all kinda thing, or even products tailored to treat one specific function (i.e. curly hair, color-treated hair, etc.), Function of Beauty’s mission is to “create a world where brands don’t exist.” Interesting, indeed.function of beauty

Here’s the process of filling out your unique “hair profile:”

function of beauty function of beauty function of beauty function of beauty function of beautyYou can see the options I chose, and there’s also support and explanations if you’re not sure, for example, if your hair has thin strands or thick ones.

function of beautyIt’s seriously SO COOL to see my name on these pretty bottles. 🙂
function of beautyThey even write you a note telling you how best to use the shampoo. For example, mine told me to rub the shampoo in between my hands to lather it before applying.

The people behind this brand created over 450 million formulations to address literally everyone’s hair needs. So how did it stack up?

I personally was pretty impressed with the formula. The one characteristic I noticed the most was oil control; I could go three days without washing my hair and not notice oiliness! A huge plus. It’s also a boon to know that this shampoo is taking care of everything I need in a wash. Time will tell if it keeps working well or if I’ll need a reformulation soon (my hair tends to be temperamental). Will update this post if necessary!function-of-beauty-review-1

Some things about Function of Beauty: they are made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, or triclosan. They’re not tested on animals. And if you’re not satisfied with your formula, you can have it reformulated for free. So yay!signoff

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  • This sounds like magic, seriously. I am so curious to try this, and the prices seem very reasonable.

    ~ Sarah | ​​Shades of Sarah

    • Lisa Lo Paro

      Yeah, prices aren’t crazy! For custom shampoo, and you can always reformulate, which I love.

  • Megan Andersen

    How long do the bottles last? I also need oil control so the possibility of not washing my hair for 3 days seems like a dream!

    • Hi Megan! It depends how often you wash your hair and how much product you use, but my 16 oz bottles took about three months to use up. I use more conditioner than shampoo so the conditioner ran out faster. But one cool thing about this is that you can order a 16 oz conditioner with a 12 oz shampoo or vice versa!

  • Samantha Slovik (sammyleighox)

    I just purchased some the other day and cannot wait for it to arrive. Now I am reading reviews and am even more excited. Was it a long process between ordering and receiving your creations?

    • Hi Samantha! I think it was about 5-10 days until my order was delivered, so pretty standard! Especially considering the special formulation creation!

  • AMP

    This stuff is awesome!! Here is a link for $5 off your order and we will both get $5! Merry Christmas!

  • Marie

    How is this working for you as of now in terms of oily hair? 😊

    • Hi Marie! I actually still like it very much. I have normal hair, so not too dry and not too oily. The function shampoo cleans without leaving my hair feeling stripped and squeaky clean, which is a huge plus for me considering I have wavy hair, but I still go three days without a wash. Hope this helps!

  • Alison

    did it define your waves? I have wavy hair and I’m thinking about getting the curl defining one but I’m not sure if it will work

    • Hi Alison: I definitely think yes, although to be honest my wavy hair has changed texture naturally over the past three-ish years, so it’s definitely not as curly as it once was. However, I have seen a slight improvement in curl definition since starting this product! I still am very happy with it!

  • Alyssa Quast

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’ve only used it once and I can see a difference in my hair! I dye my hair blonde every 3 months, when I usually have dark black hair. Using this product made my hair feel alive again. If you want to save $5 off your next order, use my link! 🙂