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It’s finally maxi dress season, which means my outfits are going to get much easier to put together. I absolutely adore maxi dresses, and summer is the perfect time to wear one, because they’re the least fiddly of all the dresses—no need to worry about skirt length or whether your shoes match. Cause no one can see them anyway! (Usually.) I recently received this pretty blue paisley-print maxi and I like this dress because it’s really flowy, and because it’s versatile; you can even wear it as a top layer over shorts and a tank. I wore this to Mountain Jam, and also to work (my office fashion has recently become a lot more relaxed, because it’s summer and I’m getting lazier 🙂 ). The maxi dress becoming a go-to.

Tips for buying a maxi dress:

Keep your height in mind. I’m a middling height (5’5) so I don’t usually have issues with length, but girls who are either taller or shorter than average will want to check on the maxi dress length, especially if, like me, you tend to do a lot of your shopping online. Also, I usually go for a maxi dress with a slit down the side or some kind of opening on the bottom to provide some movement so it doesn’t look so much like you’re wearing a bedsheet over your body (I have dresses like those and they’re much more “meh”). I also like maxis with a lighter material, to provide aforementioned flow. Hope you like this look!3-shein_fashion_review_the_most_happy-5

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Get the look // maxi dress from Shein, shoes thrifted, necklace from local boutique Weezie D.


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  • Gorgeous dress! I’ve been wanting a new maxi, but haven’t found the perfect one to wear with flat sandals.

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

    • Lisa Lo Paro

      It’s hard shopping for a maxi! My issue is that my feet always show too much underneath, which is why I like the flowiness of this one. 🙂