Book Lust | 2016 book releases to watch for!

Summer, for me, is all about how many books I can read on a beach, on a plane, or even through audiobook on my commute. Even though I’m trying to save money, these are four new 2016 book releases I cannot WAIT to get my hands on. I’ve been in desperate need of new books to read, thanks to a year-long book-buying drought. Breaking the fast now!

Barkskins, Annie Proulx

Release date: Today! June 14.

Barkskins looks great because it’s about history, colonialism, and culture clashes. It’s also a sweeping historical epic spanning 300 years, and so this book, as you may know, has my name written all over it. It follows the travels and historical journeys of two men who travel from France to New France, and whose actions have disastrous consequences on finite resources. Love epics, love history, can’t wait to read this!

To Capture What We Cannot Keep, Beatrice Colin

Release date: November 29, 2016

Another historical fiction novel (can you sense a pattern here?), To Capture What We Cannot Keep caught my eye because it’s set in Paris in the late nineteenth century, and thus captures Bohemian life, the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and turn-of-the-century politics that led to the modern era. Oh, it’s also a love story. YES, PLEASE.

We Could Be Beautiful, Swan Huntley

Release date: June 28, 2016

Not a historical fiction novel, surprisingly! We Could Be Beautiful is rather a “psychological thriller,” because apparently, Gone Girl changed the world. 🙂 This book is about Catherine West, a New York City woman living on the Upper East Side. She’s scrambling to put her life together amid a backdrop of heartbreak, luxury, and privilege, and happens upon a few sneaky signs that all is not well with her family’s past…spooky.

The Last Days of Night, Graham Moore

Release date: September 27, 2016

ANOTHER HISTORY BOOK! The Last Days of Night follows an excellent cast of characters like Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell, and is a thriller-like depiction of the “War of the Currents,” the “famous race for glory and riches between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.” This is an era/topic I don’t know a lot about, and I am firmly pro-historical fiction for learning history (as long as it’s accurate!).

They all look SO AMAZING! Which one would you choose to read first?

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