Beauty Review // DevaCurl Delight, styling cream, Deva Towel

In case you didn’t know already, I am ALL ABOUT the DevaCurl. I credit DevaCurl and a dearth of heat styling with transforming my hair when I decided to stop straightening it circa 2011, and again last year when I fried my hair by dying like seven colors into it. Recently, I was gifted a new range of DevaCurl products called “Delight”—a shampoo and conditioner. I also received a styling cream and a microfiber towel, and here’s what I think about them!

Okay, so first off: I have previously used both the No-Poo and the Low-Poo with One Condition, and I prefer using the Low-Poo because I have, according to, 2B Curly/Wavy hair. This new range is called Delight, and is meant specifically for women with wavy hair, which is awesome. They emphasize “Weightless Waves” right on the bottle. I received some pre-launch bottles.

The first thing I noticed when I poured out both of these products was their texture: they really do feel weightless and airy, like a mousse rather than a gel. The Low-Poo has these little air bubbles in it that make it feel bouncy, and it lathers slightly more than the original Low-Poo formula. It also smells better, if you’re into that kinda thang. Same with the One Condition Delight—it feels airier, lighter, and like a mousse.


However, despite the initial textural delights (lol), I didn’t notice a large difference in the texture of my hair when I switched to these formulas for a couple weeks. In fact, I think the original formulas did more to bring out the natural s-wave of my hair. Here’s a photo of my natural hair texture from a little while ago, sans any styling products:

I’ll keep using it and see if I notice a difference, and update this post accordingly!

DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight and DevaCurl One Condition Delight review:

4/5 because it feels and smells good, but didn’t make a huge improvement. A solid product, but not a game changer.

Now the DevaCurl Styling Cream. I usually don’t use any gel/cream/mousse/leave-in in my hair at all. I usually wash, condition, rinse, and then scrunch my wet hair with a t-shirt or, more recently, the DevaCurl microfiber towel, pin my hair up halfway, and hit the sack. So I gave the styling cream a go, and was unimpressed.

The first time I used it, I used a small amount (about a quarter size) and didn’t notice a significant difference in the definition or texture of my hair. Admittedly, the second time I used it, I put waaaaay too much, and my hair became visibly stringy, oily-looking, and limp. I will most likely not use this product very often, but I’ll keep it on hand for days when I know my hair is very dry. I think it’s best suited for hair that is much drier and much curlier than mine, and I do think it’s worth a shot, if only because I trust this brand very much.

Styling cream review:

2/5 because I don’t think this product is well suited for my hair texture.


Finally, the microfiber DevaTowel! LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Previously, I owned a small 12” DevaCurl microfiber towel that was used primarily for scrunching wet hair. But I received this much larger size in the PR box and instantly knew I had something invaluable. Microfiber towels are essential for curly girls because normal towels strip your hair of all that much-needed moisture and end up frizzing up your hair. You can use an old t-shirt for a similar effect, but this oversize microfiber towel is perfect for actually knotting your hair (like you would do with a regular towel) after you wash.

I also use this towel to scrunch my hair like I usually do, and it’s a must-have beauty item for me now. Regardless of what shampoo/conditioner/styling cream (or none) I use, I consistently scrunch my hair with this towel, and it’s essential. It forms the curl, absorbs excess water, and doesn’t frizz my hair.

Microfiber DevaTowel review:

5/5 because it’s a must-use product for me!

That’s it for my beauty reviews this weekend. Check back to see what my hair is up to next week. 😉

I received these products as PR samples, but all opinions and words are mine. 


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  • Yes! I’ve just discovered the DevaCurl system and I’m obsessed!

    • Lisa Lo Paro

      It’s amazing! It’s a godsend for transforming curly hair.