Lit Quote // Do what you love 

Today I have a hashtag Lit Quote for ya! This quote comes from my favorite book (possibly of all time), The Crimson Petal and the White. It’s a book I’ve read a few times, and written about several times. It’s set in Victorian London with an amazing cast of characters, one of which is a talented prostitute named Sugar. She’s one of my favorite characters in literature ever.

But this quote was said by a frankly kind of terrible character, who thinks he’s a poet/intellectual/writer, but in reality is just kind of a blowhard (pardon my French). He says:

the crimson petal and the white

I really do like this quote, even though it’s kind of pretentious and self-indulgent. Even though it’s said by an incorrigible character, this quote is also a nice, potent reminder that we need to do things every day that we love, despite our work schedules, responsibilities, stressors, and fears. Gotta have that work/life balance, guys.

That’s all and have a happy Tuesday. 🙂

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