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For a good five to seven years, I didn’t own glasses. My eyes have been out of whack since I was in first grade, so the first chance I got to ditch glasses and get contacts, I took it. And ever since I graduated high school, I haven’t even owned glasses, which made my life a little more difficult—always having to make sure I had extra contacts handy in case of emergencies, never being able to do anything without sticking my finger in my eyes! So I figured it was about time to make sure I had good quality glasses as a backup, just in case my eyeballs ever reject my contacts and I need to see (my eyesight is terrible, FYI)!

That’s where GlassesShop came in. They offered a pair of prescription glasses for my review, and here’s what I thought. I received a pair of eyeglasses with a prescription of -7.00 (yes, I’m blind).



First of all, these are cheap glasses, but they feel like I paid like $75 for them. They’re well made, sturdy, and generally feel like they were fitted in a lenses shop. If you’re in the market for affordable prescription eyeglasses, GlassesShop is a good choice.

They’ve got a lot of really beautiful designs; I chose a pair that were more classic than trendy: the Salisbury Oval glasses in Tortoise, and I really like the way they look and feel!

GlassesShop asks you for your prescription and pupillary distance when you order, and the site even has a feature allowing you to virtually “try on” a pair of frames using your computer’s camera.



The high prescription means the lenses are hella thick, making everything look slightly curved when I put them on. This is either totally normal, or is a result of ordering glasses on the internet. I Googled it, and it turns out I’m just blind. Apparently, I’ll get used to the concave world.

Truly, it’s such a relief having good-quality, new glasses to wear at night and when I want to give my eyes a break from wearing contacts constantly! This pair makes me not hate glasses, so yay!


If you’re interested in buying new glasses, use the code GSHOT50 at GlassesShop to get 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (excluding sale frames).

glasses c/o GlassesShop


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  • Love your glasses! And I feel ya – my prescription is just about the same as yours!

  • We have very similar prescriptions! I also have an astigmatism, so it’s great haha. I had the same problem with my lenses after ordering online. Certain materials allow the lenses to be thinner, but also a doctors office might be able to shave down the edges so you have less of that fishbowl effect.

    • So true. Thankfully these are backup eyewear, but for people with higher prescriptions, ordering online is probably not the best choice.