Travel Diaries // Mini road trip to Mystic, Conn.

I love to travel, but unfortunately, I work. But since I tend to like money and not starving, it’s not so bad. But that’s why weekend trips, often spontaneous ones, are so important. My cousins recently invited me to tag along on their mini road trip to Mystic, Connecticut, and I was jazzed since I love pizza and Julia Roberts! I went with my cousins, my sister, and my brother-in-law, and we lucked out with a gorgeous spring day. Here are some photos.img_5615


Old town Mystic is beautiful! It reminded me of a non-cheesy Renaissance Faire, and was packed with “mystical” little shops selling fake voodoo dolls and figurines of Hindu deities. Cheesy, but cute. It also had some specialty shops like a Lush-like soap shop and a few cute bookstores! We had fun ducking into tiny novelty shops, getting coffee, and enjoying the charm of it all.img_5617img_5608

We also walked by the Mystic Seaport, and anywhere there are boats, I am happy. I love old historical New England towns.img_5623img_5626mysticmystic

Finally, and most important, we visited the famous pizzeria Mystic Pizza! It was delicious pan pizza, better than I expected. And yes: Mystic Pizza the movie DOES play there ON LOOP all day, every day. Because it’s required!

mysticmysticMini trips like these satisfy that exploring itch, and help me deal with my 9-6 job! I love spontaneous trips to accessible places, cause there’s no reason not to go out exploring if you’ve got a full tank, some friends, and a day off.

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