Beauty // How DevaCurl made my hair curly again

A totally unsolicited beauty review today, guys. As you may know, I used to swear by DevaCurl a few years back, and I credited the Low-Poo and the One Condition specifically with getting my natural wave/curl back after my years of high school-era straightening. Now, I seriously splurged on this stuff, since at my local discount store it was still $18 a bottle. I stopped using it in favor of other products like Shea Moisture, but I’m now a re-convert. Here’s why.

Last April, I went and dyed a bunch of colors in my hair, and then spent the next six months heat-styling it into ringlets to show it off. Afterward, I cut my hair into a pretty blunt cut to get rid of the faded color, and then I dyed over it a deep brown. There goes my natural curl.

The lack of shape in my hair plus the coating of dye made my hair limp and lifeless, two things that are pretty terrible for natural waves. I don’t like styling my hair and I loved my curls, so I was considering a full-on perm. Then, my cousins gifted me Deva Curl products for Christmas, and I was SHOCKED to find that my hair started curling again!

Here are the DevaCurl products that worked for me.devacurl

First, I use the No-Poo or the Low-Poo, depending on how much build-up I detect in my hair at any given time. If I feel like my hair needs a better washing-out, I’ll use the Low-Poo. (FYI, this “no-poo” business reminds me of Fred and George Weasley 🙂 ). I use the One Condition in modest amounts and let that soak into my hair for the rest of my shower. After I rinse, I clip my hair up and I never towel-dry it! Instead, I use the DevaCurl microfiber towel—a literal miracle product. Regular towels strip your hair of moisture, but the DevaCurl towel doesn’t. It soaks up enough water but seals in moisture. I scrunch my wet hair with that, clip my hair up halfway, and sleep on it.

Voila! Curls have returned.

What also helped my curls was getting a better haircut, with shorter layers and a better overall shape to it. My old cut was weighing down my hair and pulling my natural curl. But I am also swearing by DevaCurl from now on. Here’s a reference before and after using some outfit photos I’ve taken this year.


My hair has definitely changed texture and gotten a lot more wavy than curly, but this stuff gave my hair like, twice as much life and body. So happy! Unfortunately, that means a lot more money spent on products. Worth it, perhaps?

If DevaCurl is just out of your budget, then try to get your hair to curl by scrunching with paper towels instead of regular ones, or with an old t-shirt. Give sulfate-free shampoos a try, or deep conditioning. Trust me, it’s worth it to never have to heat-style your hair when you don’t want to. I hardly even touch a curling iron anymore.

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  • I need to use this! I have natural curls but they’re in bad shape after tons of straightening and wearing it up so much for work. I’ll look this stuff up!

  • Deva curl is amazing! It works great for my curls.