Spring 2016 trend picks!

Spring is my FAVE season, right after winter. So basically I’m really happy for one half of the year, and then it tapers off, haha. I just love the feeling of hibernating during winter and then getting so much more excited to start going outside more during spring, and a lot of that has to do with clothes.

This year, I’m really excited for 70s-inspired suede skirts, Victorian silhouettes (yes, please!), ornate white shirts, crisp pleats, and FRINGE! Here are some of my favorite pieces that I’m dying to buy.

I love anything with a flowy, shapeless silhouette, and I love a good chunky necklace as well.

spring 2016 trend

spring 2016 trend


My favorite color to wear is probably white, followed closely by a very pale blush pink. During spring, I always wear light colors, so I am so psyched to get some of these gorgeous, ornate pieces!

In May, I will most likely break my no-buy/fiscal fast, so watch this space for how I’ll style these new pieces. What’s your favorite Spring 2016 trend?

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  • I am also loving the victorian trend! I’ve never really been into wearing white but with all these new pieces I can’t help but want to try it out!

    Lee – leethrifts.com