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featured bloggerSo excited to bring you this month’s feature! Katerina from Delirium Style is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger I’ve been following for quite some time. This is her story:

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“The intimidation of my surroundings scared me half to death and even the slightest thought of having my words seen by anyone else gave me shivers. My wardrobe looked as if Steve Urkle and a Hooters girl from the 90’s teamed up to help me get dressed every morning. And trust me, it was not a pretty sight. I was quiet and weird. I wrote every thought, every passion, and every dream. I’m still a little strange, but the kind I’ve learned to embrace. I said goodbye to Steve and waved farewell to the Hooters chic any of those unreasonable dresses. My passions faded and the few left were barely at my fingertips. My Sunday afternoons were dedicated to gazing through Bloglovin’ and every beautiful, intelligent, and empowering blogger I followed. It was until my second year in college that I told myself I couldn’t let these passions slip away again. Watching my infatuations disappear were unbearable. I started writing again and each day I fell in love with the business of the fashion industry. I am a business economics and a marketing major. I am indecisive but I’m creative. I live half of my life in Florida and the other half in Peru. I like to see the world in different shades of grey as I color in each piece with beautiful words and pigmented descriptions.


My blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog, or lack thereof. It’s more about searching for fashion, style & the personalization of our lifestyles; our creations, recreations, infatuations, procrastinations, inspirations, and demonstrations. This blog is my own kind happiness; my getaway; my secret garden to tell the subtle stories I was afraid to share before. There is a story behind every piece, every shoe, and every girl. Delirium Style is not just a fashion blog, but an outlet for storytelling and bringing my dreams, thoughts, and imagination into the words of reality.”

Highlights from Delirium Style:

The Secret Life of the Loose Cut Jacket

How This One Piece Can Make You Both Basic and Bitchin’

A Poem for Peter

My thoughts: I have loved following Katerina because of her amazing storytelling ability. Each post is always infused with poetry and her unique perspective; definitely not just another fashion blog! She’s also got effortless, elegant style I draw inspiration from.

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