New DIY project: Lana Del Rey or Princess Leia headphones?

Okay, so I’m getting that creative itch to make something, and I’ve been inspired by two people: Lana Del Rey and Princess Leia (or, if you know what I’m talking about, Princess Vespa from Spaceballs). I’ve always wanted fun/quirky/weird headphones, and since I can’t buy what I have in mind, I’m going to do what I always fall back on: good ol’ do it yourself.

In case you don’t follow either Lana Del Rey or Star Wars lore, here are the two pairs of headphones I covet. The first is from the “Music To Watch Boys To” video by Lana Del Rey, and the other was inspired partly by Princess Leia, and partly by the 1987 Star Wars parody movie Spaceballs (in which Princess Vespa has headphones that look like Leia’s signature hairstyle—so funny):


I adore the Lana ones, and I’m not alone among her fans. There are a lot of people who want to get their hands on these, so maybe an Etsy page is forthcoming? As for the second, that will probably involve buying some cheap hair extensions and braiding it myself, but I’m okay with that. I think it’ll look so funny, and may even double as a fun Halloween costume for later this year!

Keep in mind I’ll most likely be wearing these in public/at work, with actual people around. Which do you think I should make? Note: both is definitely an option. 🙂signoff

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