What I think about Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit—in ‘Posie K’

On February 29, 2016, the impossible proved…possible. I finally got my hands on the coveted, the much-anticipated, the rare #LipKitByKylie (hashtag necessary). I trust all those Kardash girls when it comes to beauty products, so I absolutely had to try the lip kit. So after watching hella Youtube videos and looking at color swatches and planning my method of attack on the website at launchtime, I decided on the color ‘Posie K,’ the one that looks like a cherry stain. I love berry lip colors but I’d never tried matte liquid lipsticks before. This is my story.

lip kit

At 5:55 on February 29, I sat with my hands poised over my laptop’s keys, ready to refresh, type credit card info, and generally put my deftness with a keyboard to good use. It paid off around 6:04, when I was able to place an order after trying three times. In fact, I was even able to make two separate purchases (one for a friend). The excitement mounted as I waited for the order confirmation, shipping confirmation, et. al. And now that I’ve had the product for over two weeks, and use it almost every day, I am fully equipped to share my thoughts. (This is a very important topic, after all.)

  1. It feels feather-light, so much so that I forget I have it on. I tried it for the first time at work, where I am usually pretty low-key about makeup and hair (read: lazy). But since it’s so wearable and long lasting, I put it on in the morning and wear it all day. I forget it’s there.
  2. It passes the Starbucks test. As you can see, only the tiny edges of product at the corners of my lips even remotely transferred onto the cup. No more embarrassing lip stains on your lattes, people.stain
  3. It’s a tad darker than the swatches make it seem, and slightly darker than I would have wanted. When I first put it on I was disappointed that it was so dark. However, I got crazy compliments on it and even though it is slightly out of my comfort zone, it does feel good to try a new beauty product that isn’t like everything else I own. It’s a confidence booster.
  4. It. Does. Not. Budge. It doesn’t crack, either, although your lip’s lines will show. The first week I wore the Posie, I would Snapchat its longevity with excitement. It hardly fades throughout the day at ALL, and looks almost as good after 11 hours (yep) as it does when you’ve just put it on.
  5. Swiping it off will obviously fade it, especially if you’re eating something that gets on your lips (thereby necessitating the wiping). But after you’ve wiped it off, it’ll leave a stain that I actually like. It’s a very natural tint.
  6. It doesn’t dry your lips; however, your lips get naturally dry through the course of the day. I’ve noticed that when my lips start to get dry I can lick them and the Posie hardly fades. If it does start to fade in the middle of my lip, a veritable drop of product will liven it back up, and will do so seamlessly.
  7. This tube will last me until the end of time. Very little lip kit is required to get the look, and I like a light coat. I use such a tiny amount every day (I swipe off the brush’s excess before applying) that I can probably wear Kylie Jenner’s lip kit at my own damn funeral. When the apocalypse comes and our planet is a heap of zombies and ash, Kylie’s lip kits will be the only things that remain.

And finally, photos throughout my workday: (Is this excessive?)

lip kit lip kit

Probably weird to see a bunch of photos of my mouth, but you can probably tell that the lip kit faded around the corners the most, and got drier, sinking into the lines of my lips. However, the actual pigment stayed crazy bright, and I licked my lips a LOT. I stopped taking photos at 6, but I kept this on until around 8, when it looked not that much worse than that last photo.

I’m specifying the shade of lip kit because I haven’t tried any of the other shades, and the formulas do differ depending on color. However, I may get my hands on some more soon, so we’ll see if I like those quite as much! (It’s likely.)

I’m very impressed, I have to say. This lip kit is well worth $29; in fact, I think it could sell for much more and still be worth the price. It’s a quality product, and even though I probably wouldn’t have wanted it if Kylie’s name weren’t attached, I can still feel really good about this purchase. I usually wear this lipstick every day, and I’m not sick of it yet!


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