Travel in style with Vera Bradley

For the past couple years, since my college graduation, I’ve been trying very hard to travel as much as possible. Ever since I was young, all I’ve wanted to do was travel everywhere and see the world, and now that I’m working full time at a real office job, those possibilities have become fewer, but my determination to travel hasn’t abated.

Since 2013, I’ve been on about three semi-big trips a year, sometimes by road trip, sometimes by plane, and sometimes just weekend trips with my friends. I’ve been to Portland, Maine, San Francisco, Alaska, London, and I’m hoping to go somewhere this spring (New Orleans, probably!).

All that travel means I’ve become a master packer. (Seriously—I’m so good at it. Space bags, lists on lists, and all the tiny shampoos you could ever want.) So that’s why I’m excited to try these Vera Bradley products, meant to make packing even easier for me.

I’ve always liked Vera Bradley products because they’re useful, whimsical, well-made, and really pretty. So for my upcoming spring vacation, here is my travel/packing guide, with highlights from Vera Bradley. I received two products to review, and I’ve incorporated them into what I think are great tips for smart and fun packing (yes, I think packing is fun—I’m weird).

Be strict about what clothes you bring.

When I travel, I like to do a form of capsule wardrobe to keep from overpacking. I also like to pick a color scheme, and so all the items I bring can be mixed and matched. I also don’t mind re-wearing certain pieces, because having fewer options means less time getting ready, and more time actually enjoying the place you’re in.

For my recent London vacation, I picked black, neutral beiges and whites, and gold accents. I also chose three pairs of shoes: black booties with a low heel, black booties that I could walk around in all day, and black t-strap high heels for night outfits. That basically covered all of my bases.

Organize that jewelry, bro.

The worst part of packing is, in my opinion, how the hell to pack your jewelry. I usually throw it all in a bag and struggle endlessly later, so that’s why I was pretty ecstatic to try Vera Bradley’s jewelry organizer. Here it is:

IMG_8969 (1)

There are six zipped compartments, two elastic pouches on either end, and one “padded ring strap” that you can snap open and slide your rings inside.

IMG_8962 (1)IMG_8970 (1)

It’s pretty freaking awesome, if I say so myself. I strive for organization when I pack, and jewelry is the only thing that really frustrates me, so this pretty, padded organizer just became my new best friend.

Space bags are your savior.

Overpacking happens to the best of us, so to save space and stay organized, get a box of space bags. They were instrumental in getting me to London without having to check a luggage at all, and they also keep your clothes neat and squished down just enough! They were also so, SO useful when we went to Alaska in February of 2014 and packed heavy, bulky things like fleece-lined leggings and sweaters. Now I always use them.

Accessorize wisely.

I’m that girl who brings four 3 oz. bottles of face wash just in case, but then forgets an umbrella for a holiday in London. I also always forget sunglasses when I’m going to places like the beach. But that stops now, partly because these Vera Bradley “Marlene” sunglasses are so pretty:

IMG_8956 (1)IMG_8960 (1)

I love the pattern on the sides. They’re coming with me on my next trip!

Other basic accessories you always need to bring when you travel are: a goes-with-everything hat, a purse that doesn’t just look cute, but can hold all your money/cards/documents and keep it all organized, an umbrella, a charging phone case so you’re safe in case your phone battery is depleting (and you’re in an unfamiliar place), and a luggage tag.

Hope these tips helped if you’re planning a fabulous trip somewhere soon, and don’t forget to check out Vera Bradley products, so you can travel in style.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Vera Bradley and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


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