Beauty Review // A new straightener from Irresistible Me

Today I’m really excited to bring you something that may just be a game changer: This review of Irresistible Me’s Diamond Hair Styler. As you may know, I don’t straighten my hair flat very often (the last time I can remember is October, for my Kendall Jenner Halloween look, and before that? Drawing a blank) but I do style my hair once in a while with “flat-iron curls”—straightening the root of my hair and then flipping the iron to make a curl on the ends.

Sadly, the flat iron I was using since 2006 recently broke in London because of the power conversion (RIP, old friend) so when Irresistible Me offered to present me with one of their irons for review I was like, “yes, please!” Here’s what I thought.

irresistible me

First of all, taking the iron out of the box, I noticed it was incredibly lightweight—easily half the weight of my old HerStyler iron. The second thing I noticed was the black ceramic plates and that they were like, slightly shimmery (hence the diamond part). Then I gave it a try.

irresistible me

And oh boy. It was a game changer. First, the iron itself heats up in seconds. It has an LED display and a beam of light (saber) that goes vertically up the body of the iron, to let you know how hot it is. It goes from 300 to 450. I put it on the highest setting and set to work taming my waves.

Now, I hate styling my hair because I’m lazy and it takes forever, but not with this iron. The plates are so freaking smooth and the iron just gliiiides through my hair. I noticed my hair came out so, so much shinier than with my old iron, and the real big clincher for me was that doing my entire thick Italian head took EIGHTEEN MINUTES. For comparison, it usually takes me around 30 minutes to do my hair with my old iron. The time alone would have sold me.

irresistible me

Now, onto the cons. The iron, while nicely lightweight, also feels a little flimsy, as if it’s liable to break a little sooner than my old one (which lasted a whopping ten years). Second, this machine makes a lot of smoke, and I could smell my hair—not burning, because there is no visible damage, but you’ll definitely want to use a heat protecting spray before using this baby.

But I absolutely mean it when I say this is a total game changer. I have previously utterly and completely dreaded doing my hair, and only did it on occasions when I felt it warranted (like Christmas). But with this straightener, I don’t spend forever doing my hair, I don’t feel like I’m getting carpal tunnel twisting the machine to get a curl, and my hair just comes out fluffier, shinier, curlier, and smoother than I have ever seen it. Even with those cons, this is still the best straightener I’ve ever used.

Before and After:

irresistible me

Diamond Hair Styler c/o Irresistible Me


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