Current Classics TBR

A long time ago, I spent a lot of money on Barnes & Noble classics—those pretty, multicolored paperback editions that tend to be dirt cheap and last forever. But as everyone knows, classics are hard to get into. Enter my recent audiobook obsession!

I’ve started listening to audiobooks on my absurdly long commute, and since it’s a lot easier than I’d thought to pay attention to a book while driving, I’m really excited to finally get around to some classics I’ve been wanting to read for a while:


And that’s where the B&N classics come in: outside of the car, I can read the corresponding copies just languishing, unused, on my shelves. I really like being productive on my commute, and being able to sustain my hobbies while working a long week. Also, I’m a big fat dork.

Happy Saturday, y’all! And happy reading!


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  • I just finished watching the BBC’s miniseries of War and Peace, and even though it had mixed reviews I really enjoyed it. I think that was the best way for me to take on that monster of a novel, haha.