My first record player by 1byone: some thoughts

I’ve long wanted to buy a record player, but my own bank account and my practical attitude always stopped me. If I bought a record player, would I actually use it? How often, realistically? My dad owns a ton of vinyl from its heyday, but aside from a couple of 45s my sister bought me as a present a few years ago (by The Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner’s side project), I have no records. But not for long.

I was asked to try the 1byone portable vintage-style turntable and share my thoughts! So here’s my 1byone review of this beautiful record player.

1byone review

I received the blue suitcase-style turntable, which is a popular design among my millennial, slightly hipster, nostalgia-obsessed, twenty-something set. I picked this one out myself because it was just so beautiful! I love bright colors, so this turquoise was the obvious pick for this 1byone review.


I asked my dad for some records and he gave me a couple of Beatles albums, which I mooned over for a minute or two. The turntable is sturdy and feels substantial, although the actual internal mechanisms, i.e. the platter and the tonearm, feel a little flimsy.

I played “Yesterday and Today” and got really excited when music started playing, because I’m absurd. The sound quality was wonderful, and I played around with all the adjustables, which work great. I also played a Paul McCartney single, both courtesy of my dad.

1byone review

The best thing about this record player is its aesthetic. It looks great in a room, and doesn’t take a lot of space. It’s obvious that a piece like this isn’t the most convenient way to play music in our Spotify world, but that’s not the point. Vinyl does have a distinct, warm, scratchy, tactile sound that I find better than playing MP3s on a dock (or, my preferred method of music playing: placing my phone in a mug).

So, this actual product comes with these specs: 13.8 x 10 x 5.1 inches, 3 speeds, built-in speakers, “Supports RCA Output / Headphone Jack / MP3 / Mobile Phones Music Playback.” It’s wrapped in synthetic leather (read: plastic that does carry a faint smell at first) and has rubber feet to protect the bottom of the case. It’s also accented with metal plates and can be carried by a handle. It’s very portable.

1byone review1byone review

You can also get this piece in a dark denim or in black. On Amazon, this turntable costs $77, on sale from $129. That’s a pretty standard price for a piece like this. I really enjoyed using this turntable and writing this 1byone review.

And as to whether or not I’ll use it, I guess the answer is that I’ll have to buy my own records first! They’re getting crazy expensive these days, so does anyone know a place I can get vinyl for cheap? I’m going to set up this record player on an open surface in my room, so I’m induced to use it as often as I can.

I’d give this product a 4/5 because it feels slightly flimsy, but it works like a dream, has that aesthetic I like, and is very easy to use.

turntable c/o 1byone


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