Fashion // Old Money

Happy Tuesday! I started a new job this week so I’m still adjusting to the schedule change. Here’s an outfit I put together with some old and new pieces. My favorite part of this outfit is my necklace: it’s actually a pound coin I brought back from London and stuck in a coin bezel. I spent New Year’s in London, and since I’m not really one for souvenir shopping, I decided to make this little memento of my trip!

Pretty scarf from The Scarf Shop, and the whole outfit is sort of styled around its colors. Hope you like! 6_the_most_happy_blog

2_the_most_happy_blog 1_the_most_happy_blog 5_the_most_happy_blog 4_the_most_happy_blog 7_the_most_happy_blog
scarf c/o The Scarf Shop, top c/o Dressin, skirt from

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