Wine brought to you by ‘The Princess Bride’

I’m really excited to bring you something that combines some of my favorite things: books, movies, and wine. 😉 Take a look at these special wine bottles inspired by The Princess Bride, and made to celebrate the movie’s 28th birthday:


It’s called the “Bottle of Wits” wine collection, for obvious reasons. The red is called the “Inconceivable Cab” and the white is the “As You Wish Chardonnay,” both designed by David Irlanda and created by Personal Wine, a company that sells personalized bottles of wine—everything from Martinelli’s sparkling cider to $200 Dom Perignon. I was lucky enough to be asked to try this wine collection and share my thoughts!


Clearly, I liked it. This specific Princess Bride collection is so whimsical and cute, and it makes a great gift. I’d have bought this for a cousin of mine if I’d thought about it in time for Christmas. The “Bottle of Wits” is in its second release, and tends to sell out, so if you want it, get it here! The cab has Vizzini, Fezzik, and Inigo Montoya on it, and of course, the chardonnay features Westley and Buttercup. It’s a fun, stylized illustration that captures the fantastical nature of the story, and it’s also elegant, with gold trim and bold colors.

I drank both the white and the red (with friends and family 😉 ), and they’re both good quality wines. I don’t like white wine much in general, but I love a full-bodied red wine, so the Inconceivable Cab was perfect for me.


Customized wine bottles make a great present or favor, so keep Personal Wine in mind if you’re planning an event or thinking of a present in the future. I would definitely recommend them.

Bottle of Wits collection c/o Personal Wine


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  • Great post! I just started getting into wines and I’m the oppisite I like white wines better than red. Ha, over time i’ll see how my “wine tastes” grows.