The Coloring Book Craze

For a few months, I’ve seen big tables full of coloring books in local bookstores, and then for Christmas, my friends and family asked for coloring books and colored pencils for Christmas. This new trend is pretty awesome, and hinges on the idea that coloring books are therapeutic. They can even be as effective as meditation when it comes to stress relief.

Then, to my surprise, I received a beautiful coloring book from my sisters for Christmas, one that’s also a storybook. It’s called The Time Garden, and it’s drawn by one of the “big names” of coloring books for adults: Daria Song. It’s the “story” of a little girl who crawls inside an old-fashioned German clock and enters an alternate world, and it’s utterly breathtaking.


I thought I’d share some photos of the book and talk about what it is that makes this new coloring-book craze so popular.

The “trend” really began back in 2011, when Johanna Basford, who previously drew black and white designs for wine labels, decided to draw a coloring book for adults, and found that her work was immensely popular. In the years since, dozens of books have been published to meet this demand, and from personal experience, it isn’t difficult to tell why.

img_4170 img_4171 img_4172

Aside from the actual, proven therapeutic benefits of coloring, the act of coloring is so simple, and it reminds us of simpler times. Coloring reminds us of our childhoods, when we’d spend hours coloring and found such satisfaction and fun. I know that that was my initial reaction.

It’s also creative in a way that’s almost mindless, and it’s utterly satisfying to see a black and white ink drawing come to life in such a personalized way.

It also takes forever, which I think may be the point. I spent an hour and a half coloring and I didn’t finish a page! The detail is exhaustive, and is probably meant to slow you down and concentrate on the detail, and maybe take your mind off other, more stressful things. However, if you’re anything like me and obsessed with detail and things being perfect, you’ll get stressed for different reasons. 🙂

Like, take a look at that detail:

img_4178 img_4179

What do you think of this hot new trend? Do you love adult coloring books? Personally, I love the chance to slow down and relax with an activity that’s fun and creative and safe, and at the end, I’ll have some pretty pages to flip through. 🙂



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  • I’ve featured the wall decoration sticker book by Johanna Basford on my creative blog before and I liked those a lot. There is no denying that Basford is a an excellent illustrator. As for the colouring books I’m not a fan. Grown ups should swap this activity for simply sitting down and drawing in my view. Just sit down and sketch and doodle that which comes straight out of the imagination, and then maybe add colour to their own designs in perhaps. Much more satisfying 🙂 I’m following your blog now and if you’d like to read my review of a New knitting craft book over at tssreviews please click on over Love Debra

    • Thanks for your opinion and insight, Debra! I know that coloring books are loved by many, but that others think it’s hokey and silly. I will definitely check out your blog as well! Thanks for the follow!

  • omg love these things! need to get my hands on one of these, def a stress reliever!

    • They really are! And it’s so oddly satisfying, too 🙂

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  • Hi Lisa, just to let you know that I was instructed yesterday (as I’m a participant in this month’s Blogging 101 project) to comment on four different blogs I’d not commented on before. Your blog was one that I chose. And your cool blog is the one that I pick from the four today, to expand on the discussion and to mention your post on my blog. I thought the best way to link back to your site was to PRESS your original post about the colouring book at tssreviews So if you find your visits to your site are up this could be the reason why. Many thanks from Debra

  • I love it! I bought my Disney-obsessed sister-in-law a Disney-themed adult coloring book for Christmas this year and she was overjoyed! I was a little concerned she wouldn’t be that thrilled about receiving a coloring book as an adult, but she texted me later to tell me how much she was enjoying it. Now I need one for myself!