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January’s Featured Blogger is Fatima from Sprinkle of Surprise. This is her story:

I began blogging almost on a whim. In the past year, I was seeing an increase in bloggers on Instagram, and at first I didn’t really understand it. Then I began to follow some, and I thought to myself, wow this is really cool! I love trying new and different things, and after months of looking into various fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger, I wanted to become one.
Writing has been a passion of mine since middle school. I used to write a lot of poetry at a young age, but as life got busier, it got harder and harder for me to keep up with it. In college, I would do quite well in my English classes, as well as when I had to write papers for other classes. I knew my talent and ability in writing wasn’t lost, it was just not being used to its potential.IMG_3693 (1)SprinkleOfSurpriseLogo (1)
Thus, ‘Sprinkle of Surprise’ was born! And boy, am I glad I started it! Immediately, I felt welcomed into the WordPress community. Things started out slow, as do most things in life. But I knew I couldn’t give up so easily. I continued to post about various topics I found interesting, and hoped people would as well. I slowly began to search, connect, follow and comment on various blogs, and got the same support back!
Blogging has opened windows for me I never knew existed. In my short time of blogging, I’ve done a few collaborations with other fashion and beauty bloggers, and that has also added a nice touch to my posts. Furthermore, I’ve written numerous guest posts for various websites and blogs about female issues, and religious topics relating to young girls.
I hope to inspire my readers to continue with their passions and hobbies, because the time is NOW to start living out your dreams!
Highlights from Sprinkle of Surprise:
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