Kushyfoot: happiness for your feet…

Let me tell you about Kushyfoot. I recently got a PR package in the mail stuffed with goodies that I like: foot covers, padded opaque tights, “flats to go,” and fleece-lined trouser socks (knee highs), and if you have feet, you’ll like Kushyfoot.

All of these products cushion your feet in some way, which, as you know, is the best feeling ever. The only thing I need to be truly comfortable is some love for my feet, so for me, Kushyfoot products are amazing. I’m a heels-wearer; boring shoes make me sad, but obviously, wearing heels and constricting shoes can get really uncomfortable if you’re walking a lot. I don’t often walk long distances in heels, because it’s terrible, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. But if you do tend to walk in heels regularly, these padded Kushyfoot products can make the whole experience just a little bit more squishy and comfortable! (Instead of insoles, for example, which always make my shoes less comfortable because they make them smaller.)

Check out the products I received, and my favorites!

The two things I love the most are the padded opaque tights in black, and the fleece-lined black knee-high socks. I wear black opaque tights at least once a week, and I can tell these are going to be at the top of my regular rotation. The ribbed padding at the toe makes them much more comfortable, like a little pillow for your feet. And I don’t think I have to explain why I’m obsessed with the fleece-lined knee highs. Anything fleece is like heaven to me.


Also convenient are the flats to go—stick them in your purse for when your feet hurt in your heels. I’ve seen these before, but the Kushyfoot ones aren’t as good quality as other ones I’ve seen. I’ll use them, but I can’t guarantee they won’t fall apart on me. Also, they kind of look like slippers. But anyway—

It’s the holiday season, and these cute little foot products would make great stocking stuffers. I’m already sharing the foot covers with my mom because she works in an office and often wears cute little heels, and she’s obsessed. That little extra padding really does go a long way.

So thanks Kushyfoot! You make my feet v. happy. 🙂

all products c/o Kushyfoot


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