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This month’s Featured Blogger is Hailee Sisco, who writes the blog Lush. This is her story:

When I was 10 I decided I wanted to be Kurt Cobain, so I began writing lyrics. Lyrics about boys and feelings and thoughts in my head that I didn’t even understand. I filled up my composition notebook with flowery words, words that I’ll never read again, because being the self loathing person I am, even at the age of 10, I decided it was all mediocre and threw the whole notebook into the recycling bin.IMG_1835

Fast forward nearly a decade later and I found myself in a place where every hobby or career path I once liked, had ended up in the recycling bin. So I went back to writing in my notebook and this beautiful blog came out of it.

Lush is everything I feel and think and do no matter how dark or how self indulgent at times. Lush is a long form story of a girl who has nothing figured out but is happy with figuring out the tiny things along the way. The tiny lessons that come in the form of people and places and things and situations; these are the things that make you who are you. And they make life worth living. They will leave you feeling as if you’ll never catch your breath again, but then you do and it’s all worth it. Every broken heart handed to you by every broken boy or girl all ends with a sigh of relief, once the grief passes that is. There are things I’ve written that at the time seemed like the end of my world but now, I almost smile remembering them. That may be a sign of maturation but the blog’s title is Lush for a reason.

I love to have fun, and a bottle or two of wine tends to be fun for me. I love cooking, last night my boyfriend and I made Cheesy Kale and Sausage Scallop Potatoes, it was amazing.  I paint and draw, I’ve dabbled in photography, knitting, screenwriting, even sketch comedy for a minute. My true passions are my friends, my amazing boyfriend, and my family. I’m not a professional, I’m just a girl who lives a very normal life and happens to think it’s worthy of writing about.

Highlights from Lush:

I Only Ever Feel Like Myself When I’m Fucked Up

Shower Scene

“What’s Wrong?” “Oh nothing, just your typical obsession with suicidal ideation.”

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