Polette glasses review and ~giveaway!~

Today I’m partnering with a French eyewear company called Polette to organize a giveaway! Polette approached me to do a product review, and I was very excited to sample one of their many beautifully designed frames. Below is a giveaway so you can get your own pair (with a prescription, even!) but in the meantime, here are the ones I got.


The frames I chose were part of their e-Polette collection, frames that use polarized lenses to filter out 40% of blue light from our laptop and smartphone screens. If you’re anything like me, you spend like eight hours a day in front of a computer at work, and the eye strain is real.

When I’m wearing these, the harsh blue light looks like a soft, warm, “natural” light.

Take a look at the difference through the lenses and without:


I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing these all day when I’m at my laptop, and even when watching TV. Blue light from screens isn’t great for our eyes, and it can keep us up at night. If you’re a gadget addict, the e-Polette is a good choice. Plus they’re really cute.

I chose the “e-ferguson ecaille” and even though they’re a little big for my face (which is my fault because I have a small face and I should have known to choose a smaller frame), I really like the way they look. I wear them during work, and when I’m blogging. They make my eyes feel nice. They’re also sturdy and well made, constructed from “hand-polished acetate and metal.”


Aside from the e-Polette collection, Polette is an eyewear company that’s both stylish and affordable, which is my thing. And obviously, you can get them with your prescription instead of the ones I got, which are not prescription.

As for the review of my particular product, I’d give it a 5/5. I really don’t have anything to complain about; the glasses are excellent quality, I’m using them all the time, the shipping and customer service were prompt, and there are so many pretty designs to choose from! Buying eyewear online is getting more popular, because there’s no middleman storefront and so they’re much cheaper.

Giveaway time!

So for my readers, here’s a giveaway! Go to Polette.com to choose your favorite pair of frames (any kind, in any collection) and post your preference in the comments. Enter the giveaway by following/liking Polette on their FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! The giveaway will run until Friday, December 4th. Enter now!


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