Fashion // The light keep falling

Tried to blend into the leaves with this outfit. 🙂

The textures of this skirt, top, stockings combo all remind me of 90s style, and the color of the corduroy skirt is a little 70s. This is a very textural outfit, with the corduroy, ribbed stockings, and the material of this lightweight sweater. But I also love this color combination and how the colors just pop next to each other. Fall is the perfect time of year for these beautiful hues.

My friends think this necklace looks like the sign of the Deathly Hallows, and now I like it even better! △⃒⃘

Dyed my hair darker, to get rid of the green tips at the bottom (you can still kiiiiinda see it) and also for winter. I’m actually loving the subtle darker shade.

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skirt and top from, boots from Forever 21 (old)


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  • this outfit is perfect for fall! you definitely have succeeded in blending in with the leaves haha! I also love the statement necklace!! I posted up a new outfit recently and would love if you can come check it out and let me know what you think!

    • You can’t even see me! 😉 I’ll definitely check out your post.

  • Eeeeeee! Love this colour combo!

    My dream is to wear anything mustard-coloured, but with pale skin and blonde hair, I look too washed out. It looks great on you though! Very retro.


    • Thanks Scarlett! I think it looks retro too, I love the mustard corduroy.

  • Fab fall outfit!

  • Love this look, the necklace really pulls it all together and makes the look unique.


  • Wow! This outfit is beautifully put together. I am in LOVE with that necklace – can you please tell me where you found it?!