Halloween Highlights!

As you may know, this year my sisters and I dressed up as Kendall, Kylie, and Kim this year, and we…took Manhattan? 😉

The best part about this costume was buying and doing all the makeup. My sister (Kim) had a full face of contour just like her real-life inspiration, and it was so much fun trying to mimic that signature look. My other sister (Kylie) had her hands full trying to recreate Kylie’s infamous overlined lips.

My look was somewhat more laid back, but I loved getting to wear her gorgeous Estee Lauder shade and put on my best “off-duty model” outfit, which was comfy in black stretchies and an off-the-shoulder top and cropped leather jacket.

I annoyed my sisters by spontaneously getting into character the whole night and talking about Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, and Cara Delevingne over dinner and drinks, and of course, we took a load of pictures, because that’s what they do.

We went down to the West Village to watch the parade, and even though it was hella crowded, some of the “attractions” were so cool, like gigantic dancing skeletons, trippy lamp heads on sticks, and a float dedicated to El Dio De Los Muertos. I snapped a couple pictures, so here are some highlights (and contours?) of the night!


train selfie // Kim and Kylie


my brother-in-law doing his best Scott Disick // Kendall & (blonde) Kylie

IMG_3014IMG_2986 IMG_3025

the sisters


We had a lot of fun with these costumes! Hope your Halloween was awesome.


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