Thoughts & Pictures from Lulu*s Style Studio

Remember back in February when I first got invited to the Lulu*s Style Studio for New York Fashion Week? In case you weren’t around way back then, the Style Studio was a great big fashion blogger party thrown by Lulu*s in the city, and it was hosted by a lot of fabulous companies like NYX, Shea Moisture, Woodzee, Amika and Sigma.

File Sep 15, 3 59 06 PM

I had a really good time there again for this season’s NYFW, and I just wanted to share a few photos of my experience. I loved getting to connect with other fashion bloggers and designers, and of course, take home some goodies and products to try and review!

File Sep 15, 3 59 15 PM

The best part of the night was obviously getting to choose one item of clothing from Lulu*s to take home. I chose a beautiful black lace dress that I can’t wait to wear. It’s pretty fancy so I’ll have to wait for the right occasion.

File Sep 15, 3 59 31 PM

One thing I really noticed about my experience this time was how much more comfortable I felt around other fashion bloggers in this glamorous world. I felt so out of place last time, but this time, I felt like I belonged! I love getting to express personal style and my interests on this blog, and it always thrills me that other people like to read and follow. Hopefully I can continue to do this for many years!

Photo Sep 12, 2 26 14 AM

photo of me by robincjyang (Instagram)


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