September Reads & Recs

Colder months are approaching, a.k.a. the months that I sit and read 87% of the time. Can’t wait. After reading almost nothing for the month of August (and instead watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix obsessively and spending too much money on admittedly awesome events), I’m really itching to start reading some of these books.


The first book I’m currently reading: Helen of Troy: Beauty, Myth, Devastation by Ruby Blondell. It’s a critical analysis of the figure of Helen of Troy throughout literature from the ancient, classical world to today, and what she means for culture. As a figure, Helen of Troy is perhaps the single most interesting “character” ever. I studied her in college and used this book as a resource, and now I’m going back to read the whole thing.

The second is collection of short stories about “loving and leaving New York”: Goodbye To All That. I love New York-inspired literature and I’m excited to get into these essays and short works of fiction.

And a classic: Villette by Charlotte Bronte. I bought this book a few years ago fully intent on reading it within the month, but alas, life happened. I can’t wait to read a Bronte novel I haven’t read yet. It’s giving me all kinds of bookish feels.

What are you all reading this fall?


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  • I’m reading The Martian right now and hopefully I can finish it before the movie comes out next month!

    • What’s The Martian?

      • It’s a novel by Andy Weir. It’s about an astronaut on Mars. The rest of his crew thought he died during a sandstorm and fled during the storm but he’s alive! So it’s about him trying to survive until NASA realizes he’s alive. Matt Damon and a bunch of other stars are in the movie.

        • I just saw the commercial for it! It looks fantastic. I may have to check that book out. 🙂