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FEATUREDI’m so excited to bring you this month’s feature, KezBlogs written by Keziah Lendor. Keziah is a fashion stylist, freelance writer, and model. She’s been featured on Vogue.com, British Vogue, and Lucky Mag. This is her story:

There is never a dull moment in my world but this in no way means my life is without the ‘crazies.’ Technically speaking I’ve been entwined officially with the world of fashion for about 3 years (since I graduated from University). Being a fashion stylist, writer and blogger is exciting but very challenging at the same time. It requires discipline, diligence and a lot of passion, but when you’re doing what you truly love, it will almost hardly ever feel like work. For me, it’s like working on this masterpiece that takes time and effort but makes it all worth the while in the end. I truly believe that when you love what you do there is a mysterious thrill and void within us that is filled that nothing and no human being can possibly fill. That’s why part of my life’s agenda is to get people to tap into that passion or dream they have and pursue it to the end.MIP_3897-Edit

I remember starting my blog Kezblogs at a time when I wasn’t sure if I should just yet. I didn’t feel like I was completely prepared to but I did anyway. Sometimes in life that’s what our dreams require from us, a leap of faith. You’re not always going to have the support of everyone you wish to have it from but that’s okay. In all of the lessons I’ve learnt in the past three years, one of the most important ones for me has been finding the strength to encourage myself. It’s easier said than done but with a strong faith in God I was able to do it. My blog is my muse. It’s where I share a lot of the things that excite me both in fashion and my life. It’s very therapeutic for me and it’s my safe place. I’ve also made the blog’s social media handles very dimensional. For instance, my Instagram shares lots of behind the scenes aspects of my work together with some everyday life highlights, my Twitter is the Kezblogs rant station, my Facebook is my blog post alert central and my Snapchat is the most personal of them all. That way you get to see a different side of me everywhere.

For the most part, I live my life in color. My blog and my work has grown very quickly within the past three years and I am definitely not about to complain anytime soon. I have set very big goals for myself and I don’t plan to reduce them for anyone. I dream big and work hard at it because I can and will see it all come to fruition and I implore everyone who is dreaming big to do the same too.


Highlights from KezBlogs:

Spring Rebellion



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