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Fancy flapper dress. 🙂 This dress comes to you from, and the best part of this beautiful number is that I actually got it free of charge because of their cool coins program. This website lets you earn coins every day (up to six dollars worth of coins a day) and then redeem your coins for these designer pieces on the 24th of each month. I shopped at on July 24th after acquiring like 180 coins and I was able to redeem them for this dress! has some really amazing designers. My favorites are Missha for shoes (love their plastic heel), Joomi Lim jewelry, and Greylin dresses (of which this dress is one). You get 4 ifchic coins a day just for visiting the site, they’ve got a great selection, and shipping was ridiculously fast. The products are definitely more expensive than what I’m used to buying, but for this type and quality of dress, not to mention this interesting rewards program, is definitely worth a look.

The feathers on this dress are obviously my fave part.

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If you want to participate in the next ifchic event, it’s on August 24th, which is plenty of time to start collecting those coins!

dress c/o Ifchic.comsignoff

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  • Emilio Prado

    Sorry I use your blog to send you this message. It’s just that I read what you published in Hello Giggles about being a virgin. And I wanted to tell you I enjoy it. I even felt identified. You are a great storyteller. I felt it really calm, like talking to a friend. I felt your freedom. And it was an interesting story too. I’m 22 years old and a couple of months ago I was a virgin too. I’m glad you figured the same thing I did, it doesn’t mater what the rest of the world says. We have to be honest with who we are and we value. There’s no other way to be happy. In the end we all have things that can never be done without doing theme our way.
    P.S. I really wish you the best of luck. Always be truthful to yourself and never feel bad about it. I also wish you luck with your writing.