Photo Challenge || Things I See Every Day

I read the blog Skunkboy written by the beautiful Katie, and she recently posted a photo challenge in the form of 15 prompts. I decided to participate and see what I could make of these prompts! And since I don’t often have a lot of time to go out and practice my photography skills, I stayed in my own home and let myself see things differently. I used to do that in my college photo class—just stay within my home and photograph the things I saw every day, and try to see them differently. Here’s what I shot:


a shadowIMG_3850

something goldIMG_3855


the inside of somethingIMG_3872

a relaxing placeIMG_3875


something redIMG_3864


the letter “r”IMG_3866


interesting view of the skyIMG_3874


reflection in an unexpected placeIMG_3873

an animalIMG_3880Wanna try this challenge? Let me know if you do! signoff

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