I tried Square Cash and this is what I think…

This month I did a lot of traveling, first with my cousin to San Francisco, and then upstate with my friends. It required a lot of planning and complicated payments, and instead of keeping track of who paid for what, it probably would have been a lot easier with an app like Square Cash.

Square Cash is sort of like PayPal, but the app is really easy to navigate and it’s basically a no-brainer to send payments to friends and receive them. I got the opportunity to try the app (which is free!) and I really liked it. I also got my sisters both to try the app and we had fun sending money between each other. With sisters, we’re constantly paying for each other and then never paying each other back. So yeah, this app is pretty cool. Now, when my sister owes me for something or other, I can just send her a payment request (and hope she still doesn’t stiff me!).

Check it out:IMG_3849

It’s really easy to navigate—basically one page from which you can send either money or a payment request. From another page you track your history, and the last page you can check all your banking and account info. Pie.

I think it’s better than PayPal for one reason: you don’t have to transfer your balance to your bank account after you receive the money; like direct deposit, it goes right to your checking. I use PayPal for everything, work included, and I hate those 3-5 business days that my PayPal balance takes to go into my checking account. I wish PayPal had a direct-deposit feature like Square Cash. It is that much easier to use.

I see myself using this app more often in the future because it makes life a teeny bit more convenient and organized!

This post is brought to you by Square Cash and Her Campus Media.signoff

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