What a difference a book can make…

For about a month, I started and stopped reading three books. None of these three books were interesting to me, and this always happens when I’ve just finished something really easy to read and satisfying, or after I re-read a familiar novel. It’s difficult to go from that frantic, can’t-put-it-down pace to something that requires more effort to get into. So I tossed those books aside one by one, started something else, tossed that aside, picked up something else…well, you get the picture.

wall w books

I usually read sporadically throughout the day, whenever I get a minute. I read before bed, while I’m getting ready for work, when I take breaks from work, when I get home from work, etc., etc. So it’s always a big change when I just don’t have that thing to look forward to, that knowledge that no matter where my day is going or how many annoying things I have to do, I have a book to raise my spirits and provide entertainment and comfort.

Which brings me to the last month. I’ve been bored, stressed and dissatisfied for a few weeks now, and up until a couple days ago, I didn’t realize it was because I wasn’t reading a book. Instead, I watched too much TV, fiddled around on my iPhone too much (opening Instagram 4,000 times a day is draining), and became sluggish from going to bed too early and waking up too late. I was listless.

Today, I finally picked up a book again and forced myself to read past that slow beginning. Because it took me forever to get into, I honestly thought it wasn’t worth my time, but that was an illusion. I read to a point where I’m getting that awesome book feeling: that feeling like I’ve descended into another world and am letting myself live in that reality for as long as the book lasts, and probably beyond that. And what a difference reading a book makes! Already, I feel a little happier and more satisfied with my days. I feel less bored, less annoyed, less aimless, drifty and wandering (drifty?). Reading a good book infuses my days with energy, excitement and comfort.

Moral of the story? It turns out I need books to survive. But I may have known that already.

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  • I’m the same way. And in the same boat right now. Too much internet, not enough reading. I have to force myself past the parts in my current book that make me want to put it down. I’m pretty positive it’ll turn out to be a good book, but I just have to be determined. Books are necessary for survival. Fact.

  • Vanessa Jiménez

    I feel identify with this. My english skills are not very good, but this post represent my life in the last month. I was sad, boring and spend too much time in internet and social networks. A week ago I finished a book that made me cry, long time ago a book did not cause that impression in me. The result? I was more happy. I studied Spanish and literature in my country so books are part of my life, but just a few of them makes me feel in the different way. Thank you, Lisa.

  • I found an article of yours on HelloGiggles and followed the link to your blog. I find I identify all to well with this post 🙂 My excuse lately has been coming home from work exhausted and thinking too much effort would be expended to just pick up that book I’ve been meaning to finish. Just gotta remind myself of that satisfaction and mood boost that reading a book can provide. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  • I totally agree with this post. I hate the unsettling feeling you have when unable to get back into a book following a good read. I too am at a similar point – however I know the book I have is going to be good I am stifling to settle into it. I will however pick my book up again after I have written this message.

    I am going on holiday next week and have bought 5 books for the 2 weeks – can’t wait to get back to that relaxed reading feeling!!

    Emily 🙂