Book Lust | 'On the Road' and a Truman Capote novella

I have never read On the RoadNever. I can hear everyone thinking, “But what did you read in high school when all your classmates went through their rebellious/vaguely beatnik phase?” Answer? I read Jane Eyre. That was all the rebelliousness I had, summed up. Now I’m reading it, as well as Truman Capote’s novella Other Voices, Other Rooms.

So if any of you have read On the Road and would like to comment on your love/hatred/indifference to it or why it’s such a travesty that I waited until the ripe old age of 23 to finally crack open the cover of this iconic classic, leave your vitriol/support in the comments! Happy Sunday!


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  • I just read On the Road like a year ago, as a 27 year old. This was never a book that was brought up in high school or college English for some reason; maybe it was because of where I grew up? (Rural and behind the times, would that make a difference?) It was a great book, but I found myself frustrated with the main character at times. You just can’t keep running from life forever.

    • I like that sentiment and I definitely agree–you can’t run from life! But I like the idea of running from what he thought were the traps of midcentury American life. But I’m starting to have little patience for the main character, too. I can see what you mean about being frustrated!