Blog goals and The Most Happy’s future

shadow-chandelier-decal-blackWhen I started this blog in October of 2013, I was a recent college graduate with no job and a lot of negative energy. This blog was an attempt to do something with my life that took my mind off unemployment, and maybe create something I could be proud of. Now, a year and a half later, that full-time job is still elusive but I’ve found a budding career as a freelance writer, and this blog was largely responsible for all the opportunities I’ve had since. It’s let me fulfill my dream of working as a writer, and has let me express all my diverse interests, from Victorian literature to Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I’m grateful to it for that, and I’m more than grateful to the little community I’ve created here. I’m so thankful for all of you who read, follow, and comment. You’ve let me go after my dreams.

So, that said, it’s time for me to monetize my blog, because being a freelancer comes with its struggles—no full-time salary or benefits, and often working for free. I don’t want to give up this space, so in lieu of banner ads (which are prohibited on, I’ve decided to integrate sponsored content on my blog. I’ve decided against moving to because it would mean losing my community of followers, and I cherish that community. So, every once in a while, you may see sponsored content here, and I’m going to be one hundred percent involved in the creation of the sponsored posts, to make sure it’s still my voice, my interests, my opinions that you all read. But instead of just the specific things I like, you’ll get to hear about new clothing companies, travel destinations, books to read, and all wonderful things like that. And I get to be the CEO of my little business here, at The Most Happy.


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  • You will do really well bringing on sponsors! I understand the need to do so and feel like it can be done well if you don’t lose your voice.

    • That’s of the utmost importance to me. I’m so protective of this little space here that I can’t let anyone take away this creative jurisdiction I have over it! Thanks for commenting 🙂