A day of my life in ten photos

Today I did this exercise of taking ten pictures of my day. These things are just normal stuff I do every day like work and do chores, and I learned some things. The first is that things look a lot cooler when you take pictures of them. The second is that my daily life is pretty boring. However, I always think of each day as somewhat special, whether it’s because I decided to go outside to eat lunch or I listened to a new song on the radio, or because my work that day was especially satisfying. And so I also realized that so many seemingly boring lives are led by really happy people. I have my work, I have my family, I have my friends and my hobbies. And yeah, a mountain of laundry to do!

Here are ten pictures of a typical weekday:

Photo Apr 14, 10 40 35 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 42 15 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 42 43 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 44 48 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 46 26 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 50 04 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 48 28 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 46 56 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 50 38 PM Photo Apr 14, 10 51 27 PM

1. the bottom of my morning coffee, 2. working at my home office/desk, 3. reading break, 4. laundry mountain, 5. makeup time!, 6. going out for the day, 7. my neighborhood and cloudy April skies, 8. Starbucks [lovers] and more work, 9. weekly family dinner table, 10. end of the day and socks with no holes! (win)

What would your day in 10 photos look like? I encourage you to try this challenge! And if your daily life is more interesting than mine, please share.


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  • It looks like your day was pretty calm, which I an pea green with envy over 🙂
    I hope you do this type of post again! I absolutely love this, it is such a fantastic idea. I think I may accept your challenge and do this tomorrow 😉

    • Please do! And yeah, I guess my days are pretty calm, just writing at a computer. Pictures don’t show stress 🙂

  • This is a really cool idea! I may have to try it one day.

  • I really should do this challenge myself! Not working has put me into a lull lately, and it would be good to see that they things I am doing are definitely good and ok even if they don’t include sitting inside of a cubicle!

  • Loved your photos!

  • My weekday photos would all be of me at my work desk or in a conference room meeting, ha. Also, I love your pillow cover in that third photo!

  • This is such a great idea! Great photos.