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And elsewhere on the internetz. For the past couple months I’ve been contributing to HelloGiggles and I’ve got some other projects in the works I want to brag about! I love writing for HelloGiggles because it inspires this amazing community of support among all women, without judgment or criticism, without fear or insecurity. I write about a lot of fun things like old movies and shows (like “Lizzie McGuire” or Ice Princess) and about personal experiences. Here’s my author page or follow me on Twitter to see what I’m writing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.34.40 PM

I’m also going to begin writing fiction for this month’s featured blog, The Duck and the Owl. They accept contributors and I thought it would be productive for me to begin sharing my fiction, instead of squirreling it away so that no one ever sees it. I don’t know if anyone will ever want to see it, but being beholden to a deadline will allow me to overcome two challenges: finishing a work of fiction and sharing it.

I’m also a brand new contributor for HerCampus, an online community for college women. Again, this job lets me be a part of a community of women who support each other and bolster each other’s confidence on our road to success. I’m quite proud of my accomplishments this year, and I’m eager to keep writing and learning.


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  • You write for HelloGiggles?!?! Girl! That is absolutely amazing! We can’t wait to have you on our blog.
    Kaitlyn & Sarah 🙂

  • Congrats on all of your accomplishments! Never stop doing what you love to do!

  • Congrats! That’s awesome 🙂