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FEATUREDI’m really excited to present this month’s feature. “The Duck and the Owl” is the prime example of a blog I love to read: it’s inspirational, poetic, whimsical, inclusive, beautiful, and it’s run by two best friends. This is their story:


Our story: 
We met five years ago when we both worked at a summer camp together and quickly became fast friends and eventually best friends. We bonded over our love for books, movies and art. We lived in different states for a while, then lived a few minutes from each other and then we decided to move in together in an apartment in Milwaukee! It’s absolutely wonderful. We spend most of our days writing, making art, and attempting to keep plants alive for more than a day. We love long walks and good food. As far as our professional lives go, Kaitlyn is a high school English teacher and Sarah is a communications director. We’re currently roommates living in Milwaukee and we can’t get enough of how beautiful the city is. In our free time we like to go on walks to take photos and get coffee, we love trying new food and there’s nothing better than a creative art night. But most importantly, we love other people and the stories that they tell, which is where our blog comes in. We both have an unhealthy obsession with reading and buying books. And by unhealthy we mean that it’s absolutely amazing. At any given time, we’re both probably reading three books and obsessing about their cover designs. But most importantly, be both share the mentality that every human being holds a unique and impeccable beauty and that beauty needs to be celebrated and shared with the rest of the world. We love people and being inspired by them and what they create.
Our Blog: 
We started our blog a little over two years ago as a way to not only keep in touch as we lived so far away, but as a place to inspire our writing. It soon turned into a space where we wanted to not write for ourselves, but to write for and about all thepeople that inspire us in the world. We constantly see inspirational creatives all around us and we love to celebrate that creativity. We hope that our blog is a positive creative space to inspire others.
We decided to call our blog The Duck and the Owl as representation of our favorite animals. Kaitlyn is the duck and Sarah is the owl. They’re not only our favorite animals, but we also feel like they’re our spirit animals, I know, super corny, but it’s true. Kaitlyn is a little clumsy and crazy in an endearing way and Sarah is thoughtful and perceptive of those around her.

Highlights from The Duck and the Owl:

The first time I stumbled upon The Duck and the Owl, I was hooked. Not only is the writing beautiful, but the message and “mission statement” of Kaitlyn and Sarah is to tell human stories and connect us all. Kaitlyn is right when she says that everyone has a story to tell. We’re all of us beautiful and unique in our own ways, and highlighting those differences and our unique beauty is very important. Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite blog posts:

I’m happiest when I’m creating.

The best way I know how to create is by wielding a pen and inking up a piece of paper. For me, writing is cathartic. But, I often found when I wrote I would do it sporadically and always tell myself, “I wish I wrote more.”

So I decided to.

On January 1, I challenged myself to write every single day. I’ve always admired people who had the discipline of doing something daily. Even more I admire authors who spend hours a day penning their novels. I wanted that discipline.

Kaitlyn and Sarah’s blog is what you need when you’re having a bad day. It’s what you need when you’re having a great day. It’s sort of like reading the advice your best friend would give you, or what your own diary reads like. It’s personal and universal.

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