Some exploring photographs

Sometimes I like to just pick a place on a map and go: which is why I went to McNally Jackson Books a couple weeks ago and explored the neighborhood. I also went to Little Ukraine, the vestiges of what used to be a community of Ukrainian immigrants in Manhattan’s East Village. I wanted to see the Ukrainian Museum and learn more about what’s going on politically over in that part of the world. What I saw and learned was a little bit of the history of a people whose past has long been tragically erased by a stronger power, and continues to be.

IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1169 IMG_1175 IMG_1179 IMG_1183

I loved getting the chance to really notice things about the East Village I’d never noticed before: social clubs, schools, churches, museums, restaurants, shops—all leftovers from when this part of the Village, a stone’s throw away from The Cooper Union and NYU, used to be a bustling Ukrainian community.


I brought my camera along because I like seeing the world through a lens and being able to capture little moments. And then I get to share them here. 🙂


Thanks for looking.

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  • I love wandering and finding new places like this. Make sure to go back and eat at Veselka!