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I’m the girl who went to the Leavesden Studios Harry Potter Studio Tour, the New York Harry Potter Exhibit, a half dozen midnight premieres and book releases, and the Harry Potter theme park the year it opened. It’s safe to say I’m an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan. These two books are a must-have for me: JK Rowling: A Bibliography and Harry Potter: Film Wizardry.


JK Rowling: A Bibliography, is an exhaustively detailed chronicle of everything Jo has ever written, from books to pamphlets to her Sunday supermarket lists. Here’s what it says on the back cover:

This is the definitive bibliography of the writings of J. K. Rowling. In addition to complete bibliographic details of each edition of all her books, pamphlets and original contributions to published works, there is detailed information on the publishing history of her work, including fascinating extracts from correspondence, and information on Rowling at auction. This will be the first source on Rowling consulted by textual scholars, book dealers and collectors, auction houses, critics and researchers. The aim of the book is to record fact and dispel rumour on the fascinating publishing history of the Harry Potter series.

And Jo herself said, “As someone who respects comprehensive research, I am in awe of the level of detail and amount of time Philip Errington has dedicated to this slavishly thorough and somewhat mind-boggling bibliography.”

It may not be a gripping read, but just like any avid and slightly insane collector, I have to own it. The down side? It’s freaking $130. Is it my birthday yet?

The second book on my must-must-buy list is the much more fun and interactive Harry Potter: Film Wizardry, a beautiful glossy book which includes details on the props and production, interviews with the cast, and “removable extras,” i.e. things like Harry’s letter from Hogwarts. Need this.

From the Amazon page:

Harry Potter: Film Wizardry Revised and Expanded gives readers a front row seat to the magical journey that brought J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world to the big screen. Step off Platform Nine and Three Quarters and into the hidden world behind the scenes of the Harry Potter film series as Brian Sibley, author of The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy, The Land of Narnia, and other bestselling behind-the-screen books, makes the magic more real than ever with stunning art, removable extras, a new Harry Potter photo album, and interviews with director David Yates; actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman; and other members of the cast, crew, design and production teams.

Yes, please, all of it. And inside:


The perfect addition to my already overflowing collection of Harry Potter crap. Love it.

last photo links to source, book covers from Goodreads

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  • One can never have too many Harry Potter things, haha. I actually have the Film Wizardry book, and it’s really neat! 🙂

    • Awesome! It’s not too expensive so I think it’ll be a gift to myself pretty soon. 🙂