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SPRING WHERE ART THOU? As I write this, it is 21 degrees out, the last day of real winter weather. Yesterday was the last snowstorm of the season (I’m guessing) and tomorrow begins warmer weather which will continue (at least) into next week. I’m always sad when winter ends because so does my solitary confinement/hibernation. I love spending endless hours with hot chocolate and a book, but spring also reminds me that there is, in fact, a world beyond my couch. -___- Here’s what I’ll be perusing this season:


Gillian Flynn: I recently bought the Gillian Flynn collection and am excited to read her other novels, since I loved Gone Girl so much. Apparently, her other works are more twisted and dark than Gone Girl, so I’m pretty excited. Has anyone read these and would like to share their thoughts? (And read my review of Gone Girl here.)

Star Wars: I’ve been obsessed with Star Wars since I was a little kid, and aside from a few chapters of Revenge of the Sith (which was not the best experience), I’ve actually never read the novel versions of the original trilogy. I’m ridiculously excited to read it. Star Wars has a huge part of my heart.

What are you reading this spring?

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  • M

    just bought the book Sharp Objects and so excited to read it!

  • I’ve read Sharp Objects and I really liked it. It’s not so great as Gone Girl, but it’s good. I’ve also reviewed it on my blog, if you care to read it.

  • If you’ve been a Star Wars fan that long (as I have), then I am 99% certain that you will love the novel trilogy.

    • I’m sure I will. I cannot wait! Then I have to get into the Old Republic stuff.

      • Let me know if you review any of them. I love reading reviews from fellow SW fans. 😀

        Heads up: I’ve found some super cheap copies on Amazon.

  • I just love Gillian Flynn! After reading Gone Girl I immediately ordered and read the other two. Dark Places was certainly the most disturbing of the three and the most different from what I’d usually choose for myself to read, but it was good. A trailer for the movie just premiered this past week! It is debuting in France first (English, with French subtitles,) starring Charlize Theron! An American premiere date has not yet been selected, but I’m sure with all of the hype it will make its way here soon! I don’t think it will be as big as Gone Girl, possibly an indie release? Anyways, Sharp Objects was creepy in the same way that Gone Girl was, and may have been my favorite of the three, although I can imagine it may be some peoples’ least favorite because it is much slower and more anticlimactic.

    • Ahh! Thanks for the info! I’m so excited to get into these and maybe I’ll save Sharp Objects for last since you said it was the best.

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