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FEATUREDThis month’s Featured Blogger is Yuliya from Yukova Design. This is her story:

“My name is Yuliya and I’m fashion designer and blogger, originally from small town in the central part of Ukraine. These days, I happily live and work in London, UK.

My way to London was long and interesting! At 16 year old I moved to Kiev – the capital of Ukraine – to study marketing. During my years at the uni, I started to learn make-up, pattern cutting and garment manufacturing apart from marketing course. I also attended my first Stylist Course in Kiev, because I always enjoyed making something beautiful and seeing myself in Fashion industry.
After I graduated from Uni (I have a master degree in marketing), I went to Cambridge, UK to get my second degree in Fashion design. Buy that time I’ve attended a lot of fashion related courses, so I felt very ready to create my own collection.
I really enjoyed my study times and ensured that Fashion industry is something I want to be interacted with every single day during my life.
Today, I live and work in London. I run a fashion blog, where you can find useful information every day: style advice, in-depth trend review, my personal style, designer collections analyse and a lot more… I also write articles to some online communities and work as a stylist.
I create fashion collection once a year and sell exclusive handmade accessories online on my website.
My life motto is: Try to find what you enjoy in your life and do it everyday! Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!
Fairy Tern Capsule Collection by Yukova Design Purity of Personality Capsule Collection by Yukova DesignYuliya Oleynykova

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