Spring Vibes featuring Anjolee Jewelry

Have you ever heard of Anjolee? They’re fine jewelry makers with a website that allows you to fully customize a piece of fine jewelry. You can pick a collection and a piece of jewelry and change different aspects of the piece like the metal, diamond size, and all the other aspects of the piece you’d normally have to visit a jeweler to do, but with Anjolee, you can do it all online and you can see an HD preview of the whole piece before you order, plus an estimated cost. (They have a Youtube page with examples.) And you can even order a silver-and-cubic-zirconia “preview” of your customized piece to see in person before they make the real thing. Now, I’m not in the market for a diamond necklace or anything like that, but if I were, Anjolee would definitely be an option.

Anjolee offered me these stud earrings to customize, and I chose a citrine gemstone. Obviously, they didn’t send me diamonds but rather a sparkly gemstone “preview.” The earrings came in a beautiful package: a wooden box with a light on top that made it look like the earrings were under a spotlight. It was cute.

Photo Feb 26, 12 28 12 PMPhoto Feb 26, 12 28 27 PM Photo Feb 26, 12 29 07 PMPhoto Feb 26, 12 29 46 PM

These earrings are beautiful and dainty, and excellent quality. They make me feel like Princess Diana or something. 🙂 Could you tell I had a fun time photographing them?

Photo Feb 26, 12 57 56 PMPhoto Feb 26, 12 56 27 PM

I actually got inspired to create an outfit around these earrings, with jewel tones. Here’s a preview:


earrings c/o Anjolee

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