Lulu*s Style Studio, a NY Fashion Blogger Party

On February 13th I had the pleasure of attending the Lulu*s Style Studio, a big New York fashion blogger party thrown by I felt honored to be invited to this event, especially since this blog is so far from being exclusively fashion. I was lucky to be in the company of amazing New York fashion bloggers who do this stuff way better than I do.

IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0923

The actual event itself was such a treat! On the bottom floor were stations where you could get your nails painted, your hair braided, and even your makeup done. Sponsors like Shea Moisture and NYX set up booths along the back wall and gave away lipsticks, balms, lotions, eyeliner, and all kinds of fun products. Upstairs, you could get a free cocktail courtesy of Hpnotiq and mingle with other bloggers. They had a photobooth with fun props (I gave myself a lush goatee) and at 7:30, Lulus let bloggers pick one item from their collection. That part was a little crazy: imagine 100 fashion bloggers being unleashed on free clothes. But I ended up with a couple of great pieces, courtesy of Lulu*s and White Crow clothing:

Photo Feb 13, 7 11 26 PMPhoto Feb 19, 11 58 26 AMPhoto Feb 19, 11 50 14 AMPhoto Feb 19, 11 50 51 AMPhoto Feb 19, 12 00 22 PMPhoto Feb 19, 11 50 57 AM

I also met fellow fashion blogger Katie Miller, of Freedom of Wardrobe. Definitely check her out!

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