What I think about the 'selfie stick' |Okeyn product review

Honestly, the word ‘selfie’ makes me cringe. I think it’s stupid and cute and condescending. That said, I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with taking a picture of yourself and feeling confident enough (or maybe insecure enough?) to share it with the world. Taking a selfie can be a positive, empowering thing. It’s silly, but most fun things are silly.

So what about this whole ‘selfie stick’ phenomenon? The introduction of the topic among my sisters makes them both exclaim in disgust, but I think it’s pretty funny. True, it makes the whole ‘selfie’ phenomenon a lot more serious, and it’s kind of—really—incredibly—embarrassing to be seen holding one, but why? I think it’s this idea that we want to seem humble and like we don’t care what we look like. But if we do…is that such a bad thing?

Last Christmas I went to Bryant Park and saw a couple girls taking a photo of themselves with a selfie stick and I groaned inwardly. But then I thought about it: these girls are obviously tourists and they want to capture this moment, with the twinkling blue tree in the background. At best, the selfie stick makes it possible to capture vacation moments without having to track down strangers to take a picture of you, one that you’ll probably hate because they snapped it a second before you were ready, and it’s just way too dark.

The selfie stick—or ‘monopod’ for those thus inclined to call it by its proper name—is just something that makes taking a self-picture (my recourse to the word ‘selfie’) easier. At worst, it’s a stupid, embarrassing thing tweens use to be obnoxious in public and post daily selfies on Instagram (but is that even so terrible?). I quote a misguided Emma Woodhouse when she says: “Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.” It’s ironic, but I always thought there’s a grain of truth in there.

So. That said, Okeyn the company recently sent me a selfie stick to try out and review. I had to get over my knee-jerk response to the gift, but it actually led to this post, so it all worked out. Here it is:

Photo Jan 25, 12 45 29 PM Photo Jan 25, 12 45 38 PM

I really like this selfie stick, and I can honestly see myself using it if I can get over my embarrassment about it. It’s got this soft, spring-operated mount for the phone/camera and it can extend three times. Used as a saber or some kind of weapon, you could totally take out a whole family of fellow tourists if you take it on vacation with you 😉 . For now, I’m using it as a way to remember outfits when I put them together to wear later. Like thus:

Photo Jan 22, 1 39 56 PM

The company also sent me something that’s such a treat: Bluetooth speakers.

I used to have a Bose dock for my iPhone 4s, but I recently got a new 5S and so the dock was rendered useless. The Bluetooth speakers swooped in and saved the day. I love that it’s hands-free because I’m the girl who searches frantically for her phone for twenty minutes, before realizing that the phone is actually in the dock and blaring music loudly. Seriously, I do that every other day, but not anymore.

Photo Jan 25, 12 49 49 PM

The speakers are sturdy and of great quality, so I definitely do recommend either of these products if you’re in the market! Find them here:

speakers and monopod c/o Okeyn. opinions are 100% my own.

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  • I’d love to use different kind of selfie stick but I do prefer using Selfie Stick Pro. 🙂