Me & My Clarisonic

I’ve had acne-prone, problem skin for most of my life, so a couple weeks ago, I finally buckled to pressure and bought myself a Clarisonic Mia 2, hoping to be one of those success-story testimonials on the Clarisonic page that the company loves to turn into catchy blurbs. And since I have such sensitive, combination skin that frustrates me to within an inch of my sanity, I also bought myself the much gentler acne brush. I’m really excited to try out this method!

Photo Jan 19, 9 34 54 AM

So I’m going to monitor how my skin reacts to the Clarisonic, especially since I’m trying to avoid the infamous “purging period” that most Clarisonic users experience.

Here’s a “before” picture of my skin, red spots and blackheads included:

IMG_0484 IMG_0487 IMG_0488

Let’s see how well this works.

Does anyone have any Clarisonic stories to share?

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  • The purging stage is what scares me/keeps me from getting the Clarisonic and the Glamglow masks! Maybe if you have good results, I’ll seriously consider trying the Clarisonic out lol

    • I really didn’t like the Glamglow masks; they didn’t seem like they were all that effective. But even in the couple days since I’ve started using the Clarisonic, I’ve noticed my skin is clearer in the morning! I’m desperately trying to avoid the purging period by easing into Clarisonic use: only every other day for now!

  • I got one for my birthday last year. I also get acne quite easily and have crazy-oily skin. The first week I used it, it was amazing! My skin was so soft and pliable, and it helped prevent breakouts. Unfortunately, I got out of the daily habit, and I haven’t seen as much of a difference, however, my skin always feels better after I use it. Good luck! I hope it works wonders for you.

  • I have wanted to try the clarisonic out, but i haven’t. I am going to rethink it!

    • The price always deterred me, but I actually got a secondhand one on eBay for a third of the retail price!

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