Beauty Review | Only Love for Too Faced 'Natural Eyes' Palette

I got the Too Faced ‘Natural Eyes’ palette for Christmas and fell in love with the creaminess, texture, pigment, and blend-ability of the shadows, finding them far superior to what I had been using. So I’d like to show y’all that today and maybe you’ll fall in love, too.

I do a simple shadow look: something very light, almost white, as the shadow and something darker, brown or dark taupe, on the crease. Blend, add eyeliner, repeat. Easy.

IMG_0489 IMG_0491

I usually use these two shades: Mac’s ‘Folie’ and Urban Decay’s ‘Virgin,’ the two shades you can see in that first photo. I love the natural tones of these shadows and the light/dark extremes that allow me to get a striking look without a lot of work and without a lot of different shades. One thing I hated about my Mac ‘Folie’ is its inability to blend. The stubborn, hard shadow hardly comes off on my brush, let alone onto my eyelid. Blending is such a hassle and I can’t imagine why. The Urban Decay ‘Virgin’ is slightly better but it doesn’t adhere to my lid very well, causing me to load up my brush so much more, wasting pigment.

The Natural Eyes palette is ultra-blendable and it literally falls onto my brush with the slightest touch. I love that. The pigments are concentrated and rich, so a little goes a long way. I’m utterly in love:

Here I used the ‘Silk Teddy’ and the ‘Chocolate Martini.’


What I also love about this palette is that you get nine shades for way less than you would if you paid separately for them. Usually I pick two or three shades I think I’ll use every day and wait for them to deplete before replenishing, since they’re just so expensive. With the Natural Eyes palette I can do a new look every day with these nine shades that fit my style and skin tone perfectly. The combinations are endless. I have the freedom to experiment without having to spend an entire paycheck on eyeshadows.

My sister got the palette for Christmas too, and she loves it just as much as I do. Definitely check it out.

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  • Yay!! Glad you like the palette so much! As you saw, it made my top 10 list from 2014. Ha! I’m wearing Chocolate Martini today, too 🙂