Jewelry by Mondaynoon

Recently I got the opportunity to sample some jewelry from a company called Mondaynoon. I chose some blue pieces for review, with a leaf detail and glittering sky blue stones. Here’s what I picked:

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I think these pieces of jewelry are of such good quality, especially the Swarovski Elements crystals. I love the design and the boldness, especially of the necklace. While I don’t wear jewelry like this every day (I’m more a fan of costume jewelry) I think I’ll wear these pieces for special occasions, especially since it’s Christmas and there are a lot of events to go to now. I’ll also probably wear the earrings every day, since they’re just big enough to catch your eye but not so big that they’re uncomfortable. I’m not a huge jewelry lover, but I’m in love with this jewelry.

What do you guys think?

jewelry c/o Mondaynoon

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  • Those are beautiful–especially the bracelet! I don’t usually wear Swarovski crystals–partly because of the expense, of course, but also because I’m more a fan of plain gold and silver and, like you, costume jewelry–but I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this company. I love the leaf motif.

  • Love the frosty color for winter 🙂

  • Love the colours of these pieces! Want them!!

    • Aren’t they beautiful?

      • omg, yes! I don’t normally write about jewelry on my blog, but no maybe i should, lol