DIY // Maid of Honor’s Shoes

DIY jeweled heels today! This will be the last shoe DIY for a while, since I’m still picking dried glue off my fingers. For my sister’s wedding (which was December 5th and beautiful!), as you know, I bedazzled my own shoes, my sister the bride’s shoes, and last, my sister the maid of honor’s shoes.

DIY jeweled heels

She had an old pair of peep-toe nude heels with scuffs on the back, and so to cover the scuffs and make her shoes unique, I decided to do DIY jeweled heels inspired by Miu Miu. Here are some photos of the DIY jeweled heels process!

I used my trusty E-6000, my abused tweezer (I have no jewelry-making apparatus), and a steady hand. I put on Star Wars and spent a couple hours jewelling:

IMG_9634IMG_9635 IMG_9639 IMG_9640 IMG_9641 IMG_9642 IMG_9643IMG_9817IMG_9819IMG_9820

What do you think? I think it made my sister’s wedding just a little more special.


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