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December’s Featured Blogger is Ginger Side of Life, written by Chelsea and until recently, her friend Jess as well. This is their story, written by Chelsea:

“Starting Ginger Side of Life was a dream come true. Really, just starting. I had always wanted to start a blog, whether it was a travel, fashion or lifestyle blog, I definitely had the dreams, but they never materialized. Then, over the 2013 holidays, I made a New Years resolution to start a blog and by March 2, 2014, Ginger Side of Life launched.

I originally launched GSOL with my good friend Jess, which was absolutely the best decision. We had so much fun taking pictures, coming up with post ideas and being a general support for one another. Jess was the perfect amount of edginess to my classic ultra feminine style. Then, six months into the blog, Jess was offered a promotion of a lifetime. Blogging was a hobby, but her job, working in the Solar Energy industry, is her passion. So she made the difficult decision to part ways with GSOL in pursuit of her dream. Although her absence has been sorely missed, it has given me an opportunity to continue to develop my passion for blogging, fashion, and learning.

So back to the blog. What makes GSOL different in a sea of gorgeous personal and lifestyle blogs? Well, I try to focus my content on mixing both affordable as well as splurge fashion (mostly bought from eBay-I share my secrets!), but more than that, I am bluntly honest with who I am in my content. I try to share my daily life with a comedic twist as best I can. Like that one time I was walking to work and a pigeon miscalculated the angle at which he was zooming to the ground and hit me in the head. Or that time I had a random stranger stop to tell me about his most recent surgery where he went in for one procedure and came out down a kidney. Life is about finding the comedy and beauty in everything and I try to capture that in GSOL.

GSOL has been the highlight of my year. It has been a platform to learn skills I never would have imagined as well as allowed me to enter a community of bloggers I respect so highly. GSOL has also allowed me to learn from my talented friends. Although GSOL started with a basic WordPress template, it has transformed into a blog I am so proud of all from the help and dedication of boyfriend, and good friends (Caitlin, Shannon, Mina and Jess). Without these talented ladies (and gentleman), GSOL would not be here today.

I hope you enjoy the Ginger Side of Life as much as I do.”

Highlights from Ginger Side of Life:

Black Tie Ready

Patina Pop

Aaaaand We Tied

I’m really excited to bring you this feature. I fell in love with Ginger Side of Life immediately when I first saw it. I love the teamwork and camaraderie involved in starting a blog with your friend and sharing the experience. Their clothes are gorgeous, their personalities shine through every page, and generally speaking, Chelsea (and Jess!) has everything I look for in a fashion/style blog. I look forward to every post.


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